5 questions to ask an internet provider before hiring one

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n any process of the digital transformation of an SME, the Internet service is crucial, since a large part of the operations depend on it. Therefore, and so that you do not need to be constantly changing services, we will show you the questions that you should ask a provider before hiring their Internet service.

Although, to identify the Internet service that is best for your business, it is essential that you look at the speed and type of connection, there are other factors that you need to take into account before making your decision.

Ask Internet providers these questions before hiring one

1. What is the type of connection that it offers you?

According to data from the Under secretariat of Telecommunications, the types of fixed Internet connection that predominate in Chile are:


Broadband technology, which combines coaxial cable with fiber optics. It is economical and does not require more infrastructure, as it uses the same as the telephone line.


It is the type of connection that uses the copper wiring of the same telephone line; for the same reason, it does not have great reach (it physically connects with the nearest telephone exchange) and speed.

On the other hand, ADSL is the most common type of connection in areas where fiber optics and broadband do not reach.

Optical fiber

It is a high speed broadband that transmits information through glass filament cables . It is the most stable and with the best speed, however, it still does not reach all areas of the country.

2. What is the recommended speed for the operation of my SME?

To identify the recommended Internet speed for your company, the Suppliers.com portal proposes that you analyze these 2 factors:

What activities does your company need to be connected to the Internet?

How many people will be connected to the network simultaneously?

Consider that what requires the most speed are streaming video services and video calls.

3. What is the cost of your Internet service?

Knowing what type of connection and speed you need, you already have a basis to analyze costs. However, providers usually establish different plans in which prices depend on speed and other adhered services, such as fixed telephony and pay television.

Therefore, when you choose the Internet service for your company, take into account the different options for companies, since they are usually more complete and powerful than family packages.

4. How is the technical service?

This aspect has to be defining, since the Internet will be the base of your operations. When you talk to the provider about their customer service, ask:

The requirements that your computers must have to take better advantage of the Internet connection.

How is the attention in your call center?

What is the response time to incidents?

If the assistance is paid or has extra costs.

5. Do you have mandatory permanence or penalties?

Many providers do not establish a mandatory permanence in their contract, but there may be cases in which the minimum term is 12 months, as pointed out by the Speed Test site.

If so, ask what the cost of the penalty is and see if the condition is worth it to you.

Do not entertain doubts!

Use these 5 questions to analyze which is the best Internet service provider for you. Take into account that in the case of companies, the provider must play an active role in the technical service it provides and offer you an option that meets the needs of your daily operations.