4 practices to improve the health and productivity of your team

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As the owner of an SME, you know that the well-being of your collaborators directly impacts the entire business, especially today when they must deal with the global pandemic, social distancing, and remote work.

In this blog, we present measures with which you can help strengthen the physical, mental and emotional health of your team, also managing to increase business productivity.

Why has a team with healthy collaborators?

According to a digital HR publication, a company concerned with improving the health of its team reaps great benefits, including:

• Reduce absenteeism from work by having fewer accidents and illnesses, since employees are physically, mentally, and emotionally well.

• Increases team productivity and performance.

• It promotes a healthy work environment, with fewer labor conflicts and staff turnover.

• It strengthens the corporate reputation, which generates that good professionals are attracted to being part of the organization.

• Increases competitiveness and profitability because customers value and prefer a company that ensures the health of its employees.

How to have healthy and productive employees?

1. Create a risk prevention policy

It is essential to develop a preventive culture through which adequate working conditions and integral health are promoted. For this reason, a policy developed with the participation of leaders and collaborators will allow your SME to have principles and commitments associated with:

Respect for people and dignity in their work.

Continuous improvement of health and safety conditions within the organization.

The control and mitigation of risk factors that can generate accidents or health problems.

2. Provide trust and opportunities to employees

According to Forbes magazine, one of the ways to keep employees happy, healthy, and working efficiently is by giving them new responsibilities and greater challenges, thereby increasing their trust and commitment to the organization.

Keep in mind that a great risk in any company is having people who feel bored or stagnant, and who therefore evaluate opting for other work options or, worse still, go to work but perform less, a situation is known as face-to-face or “warm-up chair “.

For this reason, if problems or difficulties arise in the home office mode, take advantage of encouraging your collaborators to give ideas and solutions that contribute to their well-being, comfort, and work.

3. Promotes corporate well-being

It is not news that workers, especially millennial, seek to be part of an organization where work-life balance is encouraged.

Considering this scenario, corporate wellness, that is, the implementation of initiatives that lead to improving physical and emotional health inside and outside of work is a good idea to implement. In fact, according to the HR Observatory, 62% of workers who enjoy corporate wellness programs increase productivity.

You can start by proposing that each collaborator declare some goal related to health, for example, learn to do yoga, stop smoking, lose weight, etc. And in a while deliver a tangible incentive to those who have met it, which could be a day of rest or whatever you think could work with your team.

4. Monitor the work environment

Whether five or 50 people work on your team, it is always good to constantly measure the work environment of your company.

If it is a tense workspace or some managers exert excessive pressure, it is likely that medical leave will increase due to stress, anxiety; that there is greater job rotation; and that the team does not achieve the cohesion required to continue growing as a business.

Among the tactics to achieve a positive work environment is to give feedback that encourages the participation of collaborators and to purge “toxic” personalities from the workforce, managing their replacement by personalities that promote a cordial environment.

Learn more about it with this Wellness and Productivity guide.

Be a healthy and productive company!

The well-being of your work team affects all areas of your business, therefore, it does not matter to have a good or bad work environment, nor should the increase or reduction of physical and mental problems in employees be ignored.

If you want to ensure that your collaborators enjoy health and feel happy to be part of your organization, apply some of the practices that we have just mentioned and identify what others could be valued and easy to apply.